The Hottest Nightlife in Bali

We absolutely disagree with a statement written on a blog post saying Indonesia gets skipped by the masses on the South East Asian tourist trail. Really? Hey dude, you have to visit Bali! It’s fun. Bali offers so many things. There are loads to see. Most importantly, the nightclubs offer the best nightlife ever. Generally speaking, people come to Kuta to enjoy the nightlife in Bali. The nightlife sensation which you never will be able to experience in other parts of the world is here in Bali.


Party goers, animal party, or whoever you are come to Kuta. The rates are moderate and the athmosphere is laid-back. You can wear anything you like from shorts, flip-flops, and sleeveless shirts.

First-timer in Bali will commonly try Kuta’s nightlife. Kuta has long been a center for clubbing and going out at night. Younger Singaporean, Australian, Japanese, Korean, and many other young people from around the world now crown Kuta as the world-class destination for nightlife. It pulls youngsters, offers wild crowd, cheap drinks, dance music, reggae, top 40, and R&B.


A refined nightlife in Bali is in Seminyak. Seminyak has more expensive and stylish clubs. People from Jakarta and expats will tend to prefer Seminyak. The clubs offer sophisticated music, cocktails, and decor. But, the holiday vibe is still in Kuta.

Live Music

Live music is available in Kuta, Denpasar, and Sanur area. It draws local crowd. The habit here is not all-night dancing. People would only drink and meet someone new. In this area you can easily find afterhours spots and late-night restaurants or street food centers.


If you go to Ubud, don’t think that you will only get the tranquility and peace. No. Ubud has more than what you need. It has trendiest bars and lounges which offer pool tables, live music, and young crowd as well.

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