The Daylight Bulb (Amazing!)

Thank you so much for the well wishes this week! It’s been a doozy. This morning I woke up feeling the best I’ve felt in days but it’s still not gone completely. I’m just thankful for some energy and that I won’t have to carry the tissue box around with me all day. 🙂
I’m back today to share a little find I’m truly excited about, especially as a blogger. Lighting is EVERYTHING to a blogger — especially natural light. Shooting a room with no natural light (especially after you’ve worked so hard on it) is always kind of a let down because it’s hard to capture it without a yellow tint. Lots of camera changes and editing needs to be done to make it look decent. 
Well little did I know this find would change how an entire room looked, for the better. I am talking about the daylight bulb: 
daylight LED bulb
I picked up mine at Lowe’s but you can find them on Amazon here as well. Keep in mind I like these two in particular because the base is down low, which allows for even more light. Some LED lights have the base go way up high and those don’t let off as much light. 
I was so impressed from the first one I installed I had to share this with you. I mentioned earlier this week when I shared the new and improved bathroom that I changed out the glass on the light fixture. This is the difference the daylight bulbs made with the old glass: 
difference between daylight and incandescent bulbs
See how yellow the incandescent bulb is? Isn’t that crazy? I still didn’t care for the old glass, even though the new bulb really did help. Here’s the difference with the new bulb and the new brighter glass as well: 
Comparing incandescent and daylight bulbs
Holy cats, we couldn’t even believe how different it felt in here! It was like there was a window opened and letting the sun in. It is CRAZY the difference — I’m not kidding! 
Later on that day after I installed these I left the light on, came upstairs and for a split second thought daylight was streaming in the bathroom. I knew there wasn’t a window but my mind was tricked for sure. The daylight bulbs make everything their true color. I put the old bulbs back in to show you the difference — with incandescents: 
easy bathroom makeover
Our counters aren’t a mustard yellow, if you can believe it. 🙂 
Here’s the after I shared with you earlier this week: 
Daylight LED bulbs in bathroom
This is what I mean by the real color of the room. It’s amazing! So yes, the paint color made a BIG difference in here, but the new bulbs really let it shine. 
Keep in mind these bulbs are BRIGHT — so this is a matter of preference. I immediately installed a dimmer because first thing on a dark morning they would be way too much. (These are fine to use with a dimmer.) The LED bulb is supposed to last a lot longer too.
Also, I don’t think I’d use them in every room. I like soft light in our family room and bedrooms. I WILL be putting them in all the bathrooms and the basement — I’m really excited to see the difference down there. I put my makeup on in this room with the new lights and I tell you what — you see a lot more with the daylight bulbs. You know how you think you look pretty good in your bathroom and then sometimes you go out and you’re like, whaaa? Yeah. These show you all of that before you go out. 🙂 
I’m an incandescent lover (I may or may not have bought numerous packages of them before they stopped selling them) but I think these have converted me. I had to share them with you! 🙂 Have you tried them? 
Have a great weekend! 

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