Reasons to Go to Bali

There are a lot of reasons to “force” you to go to Bali. It is a small island with thousands enticing spots. Million of tourists come to the island each year to enjoy all it has, from the beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea water, sophisticated crowd of young people in Kuta and Sanur, unique traditional ceremonies and festivals, art markets, museums, Yoga practices, traditional healing, and meditation, exclusive resorts and spas, delicious Balinese foods and refreshing drinks, and many more.

If Bali is not that captivating, Holywood, Bolywood, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin celebrities won’t come here– Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Goo Hye Sun, Vivian Hsu, Aksay Kumar just to name a few. World’s socialites even choose Bali as Pre-wedding photo background. Only God knows how many couples chose Bali’s exclusive and most beautiful spots as the dream places to tie the knot.

Other than those Bali’s charms and magnetism, there are more hidden factors to dig deeper to make you feel Bali is your second home. Below list is just to mention a few of them.

Friendly People

Pushy salesmen can be found easily at the markets, but in general Balinese are all so friendly. They will smile, help you wholeheartily anytime you need some help. A tour guide, hotel staff, waiters will be there to help you with big smiles, but you will feel their smiles are so heartfelt. Their smiles aren’t created because they have to keep smiling to guests and tourists. They smile because they are open and friendly people.

A Complete Landscape

Bali has everything from beautiful beaches, rice fields and terraces, mountains, lakes, and caves!

The Price

Bali offers luxurious accommodations, restaurants, resorts and spas which tag their services and rates at reasonable prices. The prices can still be high, but it gives you value for money. To get those luxurious travel amenities in other countries you have to pay higher.

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