Let’s Go to Jogja


It takes 8 hours to travel from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is commonly called Jogja. You can take flight or train to Jogja. If you take low cost carrier, you can save your time. Train isn’t faster than flight, but you can see the wonderful scenery of Java Island from the train windows.

There should be a bucket of list of Jogja destinations that encourage you to come. Some of them are:

Keraton and City’s Sights

Jogja is the capital of Javanese culture. This province is governed by the King of Java. No wonder tourists still can enjoy the traditional ceremonies, festivals, and ancient Javanese buildings in Jogja. All can be seen inside of the city of Jogja, including Keraton or Palace, Taman Sari, Beringharjo Market, Vredeburg Fort, and many more. One most visited shopping spot in Jogja is Malioboro Street. You have to feel the ambience of the true Jogja here. Come at night and taste the foods at the stalls.

Now move to other parts of Yogyakarta Province. Go to Jogja won’t be perfect without visiting Gunung Kidul Regency, which is filled with green landscape, fresh air, turqoise sea water, and many more. Let’s go to Gunung Kidul, guys!

Cave Tubing at Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave is vertical cave which is filled with ancient forest at its bottom. It’s a 300-meters alleyway which is decorated with nature’s ornaments. Inside you will take narrow alleys to direct you to Grubug Cave. Here you can see the heaven’s light. The sunlight breaks through the Grubug cave which is 90 meter height. It creates one pole of light.

Other than Jomblang Cave you can enjoy other cave tubing activities in Pindul Cave and Gelatik Cave. Or, trying river tubing at Kali Oyo.

Southern Sea Beaches

Go to Jogja and you will be thrilled by the wonderful beaches. Most beaches in Gunung Kidul are as beautiful as beaches in Bali. Proof it and go to Siung Beach, Pok Tunggal Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Sundak Beach, Krakal Beach, Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Ngobaran Beach, Ngrenehan Beach, Sepanjang Beach, Drini Beach, Sadranan Beach, Jogan Beach, Wediombo Beach, Jungwok Beach, Sadeng Beach, and Ngeden Beach.

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