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Travelers who are searching for flight to Indonesia from US, you had better read this news. Garuda Indonesia has re-opened its flight routes to the North America, USA. It was the U.S Government who invited the airline to re-opened the long-abondened flights between the USA and Indonesia. It’s good news. Garuda, of course, welcome the invitation though they hasn’t opened nonstop flights instantly. The airline establishes partnership with Delta Airlines. Garuda would take passengers to Haneda, from Haneda Airport, Tokyo,  Delta Airlines take the passengers to Seattle and Los Angeles.

Other than the two cities, passengers are free to take New York or Chicago route. For the latest two routes, Garuda holds the partnership with Etihad Airways. From Jakarta you will be taken to Amsterdam by Garuda, next you will fly to the USA with Etihad Airways. As for flight to Indonesia from US, you probably couldn’t find Garuda ticket.

It is recommended to take Etihad Airways or Delta Airlines seats. Because the two airlines have established the partnership with Garuda, from the transit airport in Amsterdam or Tokyo, you will be directed to take Garuda and then fly to Jakarta nonstop. It is much more recommended than taking flight which require you to transit twice, in Dubai and in Singapore.

The ticket of the flight to Indonesia from US can be started at IDR 20.000.000 or USD 2.000. This is for economy class ticket. The business class tickets and executive class tickets will be two to 5 times higher than the economy tickets. It depends on the season.

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You don’t need to worry about the airline services. Garuda Indonesia is titled as one of ten best airlines in the world according to SkyTrax survey. This airline is as well titled as the airline with best cabin crew in 2014 and 2015. They have great flight amenities, including in-flight entertainment, delicious dishes and snacks, blanket and pillow, roomier legrest, better seats, and cooler cabin. All the crew are friendly and hospitable.

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