Enjoy a Trip to Banda Aceh


Banda Aceh is not the most visited city in Indonesia. Tourists come to the city usually to transit only to continue their trip to Sabang or Pulau Weh. Weh Island offers better beaches than you can see in Aceh. But, as a transit place Aceh is quite interesting. It has Tsunami museum, where you can se complete story of Tsunami disaster, the victim’s stuff and stories. Now, other than the museum, which places to see in your trip to Banda Aceh?

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

This is the grandest mosque in Aceh. It is also called miracle mosque, the only building which survived when Tsunami hit Aceh in 2004. People come here not only to prayer, but also enjoy the city’s nights. You can see friendly people here.

Ulee Lheue    

This is Tsunami ground zero. This place is a shore line facing the Malacca straits. You can use Ulee Lheue as departure port to cross Sabang and Weh Island. There is Ro-Ro ferry and speedboat to take you to the islands. Most importantly, the beauty of the beach is so enticing.

Lampuuk Beach

Lampuuk Beach is called by the locals as Aceh’s Kuta Beach. The location is 15Km drive from Banda Aceh to the western region. The beauty of the beach is able to invite more and more tourists. You can do many things here, including surfing, bana boat riding, and just sun bathing.

Lhoknga Beach

Your trip to Banda Aceh won’t be complete without visiting Lhoknga Beach. Moreover, for those of you, who have visited Lampuuk Beach, because the location of Lhoknga is just kilometers away from Lampuuk. Locals call the beach a well maintained beach compared to Lampuuk beach. It’s just a matter of beach facilities here which are more complete.

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Taste Mie Aceh

Trip to Banda Aceh won’t be a complete mission without tasting Mie Aceh, or Aceh noodle. Mie Aceh is absolutely popular all over Indonesia. It beats the popularity of Chicken Noodle, but outside of Aceh, there is only a few Aceh Noodle restaurants to visit. The must visited Warung Mie Aceh is Mie Turis, located at T. Nyak Arif Street, Banda Aceh.

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