Best Backpacking Route through Indonesia

Backpackers often found it difficult to choose destinations to travel in Indonesia. It is hard to determine one list of destination is the best backpacking route through Indonesia. It is because the country is a vast country equator region consisting of thousands islands. From the east to the west, people from each major island can fluently mention unique and interesting places in their area to visit. Although, it absolutely takes many years to travel to all those beautiful places. It clearly consumes much of your money as well, though the living cost here is relatively lower than other developed countries.

So, how do we set our best backpacking route through Indonesia?

The Most Popular Route

To help you make out the best backpacking route through Indonesia, you can follow this most-taken route which is used by most backpackers.

Start your trip from Jakarta. Stay one day in the city is enough. Museums can be your best destination here to learn the history of the country and digging your feet deeper into their best, most popular destinations from the old time to date.

Travel to Yogyakarta by train to see Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple. Don’t forget to visit Keraton and see traditional ceremonies and festivals of Javanese.

Go to Surabaya and continue to Probolinggo by train to visit Mount Bromo.

Next, take train to travel to Bali, and hop to Lombok and Komodo Island in Flores.

Some tourists would visit Bandung before taking train to Yogyakarta.

Alternative Route

If you really miss visiting an escape island, some islands with fantastic, beautiful beaches are recommended. From Jakarta, take flight to Bangka-Belitong. They have white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water. The situation in both islands are relatively calmer, more quite and peaceful compared to Bali.

Next, hop to Bintan Island and go the eastern tip of the country, Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat would consume a lot of your money, but their natural charm is definitely breath taking, heart robbing!

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