What to do for Trip to Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is a city which undoubtedly makes people feel at home. Yogyakarta comes with its cozy atmosphere, its Javanese culture blends well with academic nuance, and now with rapid modernization especially in the downtown. With such eccentricity, no wonder that travellers would happily come back for more to Yogyakarta.

Most of you must be familiar to some places like Prambanan temple or Malioboro. The two destinations seem to be in every traveller’s list. However, there are many and more things to do here.

For some travellers, trip to Yogyakarta is never boring. You can do almost anything from dusk to dawn. Even though this city is less glamorous than Jakarta and Bali, but Yogyakarta is a city which rarely sleeps. For backpackers, try to take a walk at night and enjoy street foods like gudeg or nasi kucing. You can also taste the unique kopi joss, hot coffee which has hot charcoal dipped into it. The dipped charcoal in the coffee water makes hissing sound and that is why it is called kopi joss.

Yogyakarta is also rich with hadicrafts. Heading to Kota Gede, you can take a look at silver souvenirs and get customized silver souvenirs with affordable price. Walk along Yogyakarta solemn alleys or rent bicycle to go to Keraton Yogyakarta and Taman Sari. Although the mainroads are busy, it is usually quiet enough along the way to Keraton and Taman Sari.

You can also enjoy Yogyakarta natural attactions like Parangtritis, Krakal, Kukup, and Baron beaches. However, it is better to rent car in Yogyakarta because the city is still lack of transportation access. You can also climb Mount Merapi. It is now recovered from 2010 eruption, leaving dramatic scene of greyish sand along the trek.

Do not forget to visit art galleries there. They usually held cultural events either for free or with charge. Cultural village is also nice place to go where you can learn to paint batik or play gamelan.

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