Travel to Lake Toba from Singapore

Lake Toba is a giant volcanoe lake offering incredible beauty of a giant, tranquil, and peaceful lake. The green landscape makes it more enticing to visit. The Samosir Island in the center of the lake is another nature wonder. There is Batak village to visit as well. Cross the lake and you will learn Batak culture from its roots.

Samosir Island has big statues as Cemeteries for Batak people ancestors. In Simanindo you can visit Batak Museum and be welcomed with traditional dance performed by the locals twice a day. In Ambarita you can see stone chairs used for judgement and executions by the ancestors of old Batak. Tomok is recommended place for the tourists to shop souvenirs, local vegetable, and fruits.

On the other side of Samosir Island you can enjoy Pangururan hot springs. Drive 20 Km from Pangururan you can visit Sipisopiso waterfall, which is known as a mini-Angel falls. This feeds into the northern en of Lake Toba. More interestingly,the weather is cold. Singaporeans lately choose Lake Toba as their destination. They travel to Lake Toba from Singapore, and thank the low cost carriers for the cheap, promo flight from Singapore to Medan.

Why Medan? Lake Toba is situated in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, and the capital of this province is Medan. From Singapore you have to take flight to Medan before taking road trip to Lake Toba.

Travel to Lake Toba from Singapore reuires you to take flight first to Kuala Namu Airport in Medan. Book you flight ticket at They often offer fantastic promo flight in low season. Nonstop flights are provided by two airlines, Jetstar and Garuda Indonesia. Jetstar’s cheapest ticket is offered at IDR 1.092.654. As for Garuda Indonesia offers two types of seats. Each is tagged at IDR 1.937.200 and IDR 2.259.200.

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Arriving at the airport you have to travel onwards by land to Parapat, this is the nearest Town by Lake Toka. It takes 4 hours to reach Parapat from Medan. For a public bus drive, it takes 2 hours longer, 6 hours. Parapat is the best point for tourists who want to cross the lake to travel in Samosir Island.

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