The Closet is Finished!

Maybe I should start calling it a dressing room? Sounds way fancier.

Making it Lovely's Master Closet

I reached out to Ballard Designs and they provided several pieces from their Sarah storage collection. The 14″ depth works well for our closet, I love the details along the top and bottom, and the three units I chose fit perfectly along the wall. Tops go on the top, bottoms go along the bottom. Pretty straight-forward, though I did have to get new hangers so that my skirts wouldn’t hang too low.

Ballard Designs - Sarah Storage | Making it Lovely's Closet

Hanging Skirts | Making it Lovely's Closet

We started here, remember. Wall-to-wall carpet concealing some major floor damage and subfloor structural issues.


This is a long post. Brace yourselves, let’s keep going!

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