Let’s Visit Medan


You would probably come to Bali next time. But now, you have to go to other destinations. Indonesia has everything to spoil travelers, from jungle trekking, mount climbing, hiking, bicycling, diving and snorkeling, camping out, and more adventurous activities. The most favorite activities are lying down under the tree at a beachside. Of course, you would only choose the best, beautiful beach to lie down. Don’t forget to bring your hammock then. Get to an escape island, cook local foods, and you will get the unforgettable moments in life. Well, what’s next after Bali? Visit Medan.

Medan has several spots to visit. All are touristic.

Lake Toba

Who doesn’t want to visit Lake Toba? The giant lake with a small, beautiful isalnd at the center of the Lake. Green landscape, nice weather, tranquil resorts, those all are what you need after the beach exploration. You need another peacfeul moment or soul searching phases.

Bukit Lawang

Once tourists come to Medan, they would never skip Bukit Lawang. This spot is the must-visited spot when you visit Medan. Why? In Bukit Lawang you can do adventurous activities with the best certified tour guides. Why do you need a certified tour guides? They are the ones who know really every tip of the forest. They will show you the wirlderness of the jungle in the safest way. Serve you the best foods and cook them that you can eat the best foods you ever eat in the jungle.

Bukit Lawang is included into Gunung Leuser National Park, one of the best places to visit in North Sumtra. You will be guided to see the animals, including Orangutans, local flowers and plants. You will hike up the hill, trek the hard paths, and enjoy the nature at the same time. At the end of your trekking tour, you will camp out at a riverside spot. There are only you, your friends, and your guides. The tranquility, the peaceful athmosphere, the sound of birds and insects, the sound of the wind, all are unforgettable.

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