Let’s Take a Trip to Tanjung Pinang


Tanjung Pinang is the capital of the newly-born province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. This city is famous for tourism fishing, shipping, shopping, and trading. Your trip to Tanjung Pinang will be so memorable if you get around the city center by road. You can use bus, taxi, or motorcycle. It has old town with stilts, shopping malls, open air restaurant, and Budhist temple.

To travel to Tanjung Pinang from Jakarta you can take flight. Book the ticket at Tiket.com. There are three airlines offer nonstop flights for this route. They are Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, and Nam Air. Each of them offers prices started from IDR 495.700, IDR 769.000, and IDR 1.213.000.

By Boat

You can explore the city by boat. Take the boat at Jalan Pelantar I. Wait for a while to have the boat full or just hire it for yourself. You can get around and go to Kampung Bugis. It is good to rent the boat, and thus you can visit Penyengat Island, Senggarang Temples, and Sungai Ular Buddhist Temple.

Go to Jalan Pelantar II

Pelantar II is the place of the Tanjung Pinang’s China Town. It retains the Chinese heritage and Buddhist Temple. The panorama is just like other China Town’s picts in many other towns, a densely packed shophouses hawking all manner of goods.


We read it at Wikitravel Singaporeans use Tanjung Pinang as a departure point for fishing trip. They use wooden vessels equipped with modern equipment, but some other don’t even use such boats.

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Your trip to Tanjung Pinang is incomplete without enjoying the white sand beaches. Go to Impian Beach and Penyengat Island. If you are a beach baby, island hopping is recommended. Tanjung Pinang allows you to catch ferries to the other islands in Riau Island Province. You can hop to Bintan Island, Natuna Islands, Lingga Islands, Singkep, Moro, Galang, Tanjung Batu Islands, and some more places with beautiful beaches.

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