Getting the Most Update Singapore to Bali Budget

Going to Bali from Singapore is not a hard thing to do. There are various airlines on your list whenever you arrange a vacation from Singapore to Bali. For most or some people, budget is a serious matter to keep everything covered. Airfare from both destinations is reasonable enough and just suitable with the facility the airlines offer.

Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airways, KLM, Malindo Air, Silk Air, and Singapore Airlines are available everyday. So far, the cheapest budget offered by Malaysia Airlines for early weekdays like Monday and Tuesday. The fare is around USD 174 up to USD 222. The second alternative you can choose is KLM which only costs you around USD 198 up to 237. Indonesians may prefer to fly by Garuda Indonesia since they offer fair charge, around USD 240.

The fare often increased a bit from Wednesday to Sunday. There are hardly less than USD 180 from Singapore to Bali. Still, Malaysia Airlines offers the cheapest fare. As for Malindo Air, Singapore Airlines, and Silk air, the fare tagged at USD 270 up to USD 600.

Besides budget, you should also consider the airlines’ reputation. It seems like every airlines fro, Singapore to Bali has no problem. However, you had better visit travel blogs or websites an check the review of each airlines. You can also ask your friends or relatives about it.

If you are planning to go in peak season around June to August, it is better that you buy the tickets four weeks in advance. However, the cheapest budget during peak season may around USD 240, for economy class.

The lowest price for flight from Singapore to Bali is around USD 79. It happens right after peak season, that is, September to October. You can take advantage of this because in October, there are usually cool events you should not miss. You can go to UWRF or any other cultural festival.


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