Fun Shopping in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is not only great for travelling, but shopping as well. Whether you choose traditional or modern market, you can always get reasonable price. If you want more affordable souvenir, it goes without saying that traditional market is better. The good news is you can always bargain at the cheapest price if you know how. It is recommended to have local guide to help you bargain during shopping. However, if you are not really good at it, it is just no problem.

Malioboro is so far the most popular shopping spot in Yogyakarta. You can find almost every item here: sandals, t-shirts, key accessories, shoes, batik, traditional snacks, etc. Malioboro is such a nice place to walk along, but not in rainy weather. You have to cope with the crowd in the narrow alley just to make your step. But it is okay, right? This is another adventure in Indonesia.

Not far from Malioboro, near Verderburg fort, you will find Beringharjo Market. Like Malioboro, here you can buy souvenirs, snacks, batik, and try street food. The good side is that the market is sheltered so you will not get wet when rain falls. Do not forget to bargain as best as you can. Especially when you buy many items, the sellers usually give you some discount.

Mirota Batik is souvenir shop filled with Yogyakartanese atmosphere. As you step into the shop, you will hear soft gamelan sound from the speaker and there is smell of myrrh. Again, you will find souvenirs, accessories, and batik here. You do not need to bargain because the price is fixed.

After shopping batik, souvenirs, and snacks, why don’t you try to shop silver? Kotagede is a place popped into our mind when it comes to silver shopping. You will find various silver shops along the way of Kotagede. One of them is Art Studio 76. Here, lots of silver jewelery and souvenirs are offered with affordable price starts from USD 10. Located in Purbayan KG3, this shop easy to spot

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