Flight to Sorong from Bali


You have explored Bali from the western to the eastern tip of the island, from the north to the south. Well, now you have more time in Indonesia, and where you should go next? Just go to Raja Ampat to experience the most tranquil, peaceful holiday. This place is the best place to see the most wonderful world’s marine bio-diversity, corals, reefs, fishes, turtles, and more and more. Just prepare your flight to Sorong from Bali.

Can you easily find flight to Sorong from Bali? Raja Ampat is increasingly popular these days, but the best route to explore Raja Ampat isn’t from Bali. Most tourists would take a journey frist to Makassar or Manado before continuing their trip to Sorong to break through to Raja Ampat.

However, it doesn’t mean your flight to Sorong ro reach Raja Ampat is not available. Go to Tiket.com to check the airlines fly their planes on this route. Why Tiket.com? This booking-engine site is a local site. They have better flight inventory. They display the airlines which fly to Sorong in a clear description.

There is no nonstop flight to take from Bali to Sorong. It shouldn’t be an obstacle though. Sriwijaya Air offers their seats at a price of IDR 1.570.000.

Lion Air sells their tickets at IDR 1.652.000

NAM Air tags their seats at IDR 1.799.700.

Garuda Indonesia offers their premium class flight seats at IDR 2.241.000 and IDR 2.758.000.

It is recommended to take Garuda flight, because you will take a long haul flight. Garuda would serve you with their best flight amenities. You will also get free dishes, snacks and drinks. Garuda will also give you the best service in their lounge while you need to transit in other city. Remember, all of those flights are connecting flights. It’s a bit tiring. If Garuda can give you the best flight experience, you have to take it.

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