Flight to Semarang from Singapore


At the first time we think of flight to Semarang from Singapore we suspected there was no flight to book for this route. Why? It is because Semarang isn’t as busy as other big cities in Indonesia. But, we got wrong. Flights to Semarang from Singapore are available. You can book them at Tiket.com. At this leading booking-engine site you can see many of flights all at once, at one single display. By this way you can easily compare the prices of each airline for flights to Semarang from Singapore. Let’s just check them out.

There are two nonstop flights to Semarang from Singapore. They are provided by AirAsia and Garuda Indonesia.


AirAsia offers their seats at IDR 844.704. It’s so much cheaper than Singapore to Surabaya flight ticket.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda’s tickets are tagged at IDR 2.882.200.

Lion Air

Lion Air offers three schedules. Each of their flight seat is tagged at IDR 835.680.

Batik Air

Batik Air joins the low competition by flying two schedules. Each is tagged at IDR 1.306.540 and IDR 1.630.257.

Now, do you think flight to Semarang from Singapore is affordable? Yes, of course, as long as you take the low cost carriers’ seats. It costs less than IDR 1.000.000 or USD 100.

If you want to fly with Garuda in their executive class seats, you should visit their official site too ticket bookig. The executive tickets can be labeled three to seven times more expensive than the normal economy price.

What will you see in Semarang? We know it lately that Singaporeans like visiting Indonesia’s cities for their short vacation. For them spending several days in Indonesia can be good getaway to enjoy different ambiance and athmosphere. Most of them would rather follow AirAsia’s promo ticket to set the destination. It’s possible for Semarang to be chosen by the Singaporeans, because Air Asia has nonstop flight to this city. Will you do the same thing?

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