Flight to Indonesia from India


We checked it at ebookers to see the flight to Indonesia from India. One airline flies directly from India to Jakarta, Srilangkan Airlines. The price of the ticket is £431. The flights aren’t available for everyday, though. In one month Srilangkan Airlines only offers around 6 flights to Indonesia from India. You will depart from Mumbai and arrive in Jakarta, but normally you will be taken into Singapore first, before continuing your trip to Jakarta. Surprisingly, at Yatra we found Srilangkan Air takes two stop, first in Colombo and the second in Singapore.

It is told in ebookers that the flight offered by Srilangkan Airlines is a direct flight, but let’s see for a bigger picture. Flight to Indonesia from India isn’t lucrative niche. Only a few number of people would fly directly to Jakarta from Mumbai. Even Garuda Indonesia’s flights do not fly nonstop from Mumbai to Jakarta. They transit in Singapore beforehand.

We checked it at Yatra Garuda Indonesia offers connecting flights to Indonesia from India. For those of you who have never heard of Garuda, it is important to share Garuda is the leading airlines from Indonesia. This airline’s connecting flights to Indonesia from India would use Singapore as a transit point. The travel durations offered by Garuda for flights to Indonesia from India are various. They would take 10 hours and 25 minutes, 12 hours 10 minutes, or 13 hours 30 minutes. The ticket of the flight are tagged at £551.

Flying with Garuda will give you better flight experience. They play in premium class flights. However, budget travelers would rather take cheaper flights, and their choice would be dropped in Malindo Air. This airline offers £258 per seat. Their transit point is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So far Malindo Air’s ticket is the cheapest ticket sold for flight to Indonesia from India.

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