Flight to Bali from US


There are several direct or nonstop flight from US to Bali. It’s such good news. However, those flights do not cover all cities in the US. Only several cities, such as New York, Washington, or Seattle which come with the direct flight to the island.

Travelers from other parts of the US have to take connecting flights, which usually waste much of their time. You have to wait for the next flight in a foreign airport. Some even need to stay for one night for the flight is being prepared. It’s recommended to take flight which cover your hotel fare. You don’t need to stay at airport hotel which commonly offers over-budget rates. If the connecting flight only require you to wait for several hours, it can be a good idea to take such flight. You can get around in the city where you have stepped your feet in.

Connecting flights, on the other side, hands you much benefit, including a cheaper price tag, particularly, for a connecting flight which obliges you to wait for more than 12 hours. Their prices are absolutely much much lower then the nonstop flights.

Let’s just observe the names of the airlines which provide flights to Bali from US. Where can you get the airlines? Flight search engines are created to give you solutions for this answer. Choose one of these sites Kayak, Expedia, and SkyScanner.

The flights to Bali from US are provided by Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and Air Asia. Even though the articles, forums or brochures told you they offer direct flights, most of them are actually connecting flights. It’s impossible for Air Asia to fly you nonstop from the US to Bali. They will stop at one or two airports before taking you to Bali. Air Asia is identical with low cost carrier. Most of their international routes are connecting flights.

If you live in Seattle, New York, or Washington, you can find easly flights to Bali. But, these aren’t nonstop flight. You can take Etihad Airways or Japan Airlines. You will be taken to Dubai or Haneda, then Garuda Indonesia will take you directly to Jakarta. From the capital of Indonesia you can choose your flight to Bali.

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