Flight Ticket Booking Tips for First-timers


There are a lot of things to take into account if this is your first online flight ticket booking. You probably need some help from someone who has already booked flight tickets before. If you couldn’t find him or her, you can use the internet, checking out some articles, posts from travel forum, travel blogs, or Youtube videos for guidance. You will choose one of plenty of options and a wide number of aircrafts and carriers to choose from, and first, decide your destination you want to travel in.

Make a list of websites where you can book the flight ticket. It can be the airline’s websites, online travel agents, booking-engine sites, flight search engines, local stores’ websites, or affiliate websites. Choose one which is recommended by most travelers in your country.

Pay attention to the date of your flight

Make sure you don’t make mistake. The date you intend to fly on has to be the same date you’re booking a ticket for. Pay attention to the schedule of your flight and what time your aircraft will arrive in the airport of the destination. The arrival time would determine the date of your hotel booking. The date you book the hotel should be the same with the time of your arrival. If you book a long haul flight, and it is a red-eye flight, the date of your hotel booking should be one day later than your flight schedule, because you will arrive in the destination tomorrow morning.

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Pay attention to a red-eye flight when the time of the flight is 1 a.m. For example, your flight is at 1 am on the 25th July. You have to be at the airport on the night of 24th. If you heat to the airport on the 27th, you will miss your flight!

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