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Surabaya to Bandung with Train Argo Wilis Train Argo Wilis is for those of you who want to travel to Bandung from Surabaya. This train is your best alternative if you don’t want to take flight. Taking bus is too tiring, because the distance between Surabaya and Bandung is completely too far. It needs over 16 hours to spend on the … Continue reading Surabaya to Bandung with Train Argo Wilis

Go to Solo with Train Argo Lawu Train Argo Lawu is a train for Jakarta to Solo route. You can take this train as an alternative of Jakarta to Solo flight. Your train would traverse Yogyakarta, using the southern line of Java Island. If you want to take this train, go to Gambir Station, Jakarta. This is the station for all … Continue reading Go to Solo with Train Argo Lawu

Go to Bandung and Take Train Argo Parahyangan Let’s go to Bandung and you will explore the Sundanese culture to the fullest. You can go to Saung Udjo to play Angklung. Eat at Sundanese restaurants, offering the most delicious foods you ever eat. All Sundanese foods are healthy and yummy! For a modern taste, go to Pascal food courts, where you can … Continue reading Go to Bandung and Take Train Argo Parahyangan

Train Semarang to Pekalongan The name of the train Semarang to Pekalongan is Kaligung. This train actually serves Semarang-Tegal route, but it stops also in Pekalongan. Most of passengers of Kaligung are university or college students. They use the train once a week or month or anytime they need to come home. Even though they have other transportation … Continue reading Train Semarang to Pekalongan

Train Semarang to Solo Around one year ago a train named Kalijaga train was launched to serve passengers who want to take train Semarang Solo. This train was economy class train, departing from Poncol Station, Semarang and arriving at Purwosari Station, Solo. This train was operated only once a day. The reason was clear enough. The occupancy rate … Continue reading Train Semarang to Solo

Train Semarang to Yogyakarta Train ticket can be booked at Why This is a booking-engine site based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They sell any types of travel accommodations, not only train ticket, but also hotel room reservation, flight ticket booking, car rental, and event and attractions held in tourists’ destinations. Why do you want to take train … Continue reading Train Semarang to Yogyakarta