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Things to Do in Bali Indonesia Millions of travelers come to Bali every year. Most of them are new travelers, who visit this island only because of friend’s recommendation or of reading news and seeing video advertisement about Bali. As one of Asia’s most popular destinations, it is easy to find some important information about Bali, including getting the flight … Continue reading Things to Do in Bali Indonesia

What to Learn to Get Cheap Tickets to Bali Can you get cheap tickets to Bali? Of course, you can! There are several things to learn to get the cheap flights though. Cheap flights to Bali is simply a matter of timing and the choice of your departure cities or countries. The majority of the international flights to Bali come from Australia and … Continue reading What to Learn to Get Cheap Tickets to Bali

Backpacking Indonesia Alone Indonesia is safe for all solo travelers, male and female. Most of you probably think this country isn’t safe place for solo backpackers, because crime stories are written everywhere in newspaper and media, but those don’t happen every day and not every where in all parts of this country. Backpackers shared their stories that … Continue reading Backpacking Indonesia Alone

Where to Go When Backpacking Indonesia 2 Weeks You have two weeks in Indonesia. Which destinations will you visit? It’s really a difficult time to make the itinerary, because this country is full of beautiful and interesting places. Start from Jakarta and follow your backpackers fellow, or will you make your own backpacking routes? Join General Backpacker Route Most tourists and backpackers … Continue reading Where to Go When Backpacking Indonesia 2 Weeks

Best Backpacking Route through Indonesia Backpackers often found it difficult to choose destinations to travel in Indonesia. It is hard to determine one list of destination is the best backpacking route through Indonesia. It is because the country is a vast country equator region consisting of thousands islands. From the east to the west, people from each major island … Continue reading Best Backpacking Route through Indonesia

Backpacker Tips Indonesia Go backpacking to Indonesia is a good idea to spend your summer holiday. This country has so many things to offer, such as interesting tourists spots, wonderful natural charms, friendly people, low cost travel accommodations, safety and many more. If Indonesia sounds so far away from your home, you have to learn about this … Continue reading Backpacker Tips Indonesia