A Mediocre Life?

I read something a few weeks ago that really spoke to me — it was one of those articles that makes you nod your head and yell “HECK YEAH!” as you read it. 
It’s called What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life and you can find it here — it’s a fast read and I’ll wait while you go take a look. 😉 
My only hesitation with the post is the use of the word mediocre. I could not agree more with everything she said, and it describes my outlook on life well. But my life is anything but mediocre. The definition of that word is “of only moderate quality, not very good.” My life and what I do with it is anything but. 
I have a content life. Replace “mediocre” with “content” and I’m on board. 
I am not a woman of extremes, I do not always strive to be the best I can be. I do not tackle each day with intensity. I wake up and realize I get to do what I love — be with my family, work on my home, visit with friends and write to you all. And I find incredible joy in that. 
It’s funny, because within 24 hours of reading that post I had friends share numerous memes with the “mediocre” theme on social media. I could not have disagreed with them more: 
A mediocre life?
But what if I did? What if I don’t want much more than to have a healthy, happy family, good friends and to write to you all a few times a week? What if I revel in the fact that there are not big extremes in my life? What if I want to sit my butt on the couch today? Like, for hours? Sometimes that sounds amazing.
I am not a dramatic person and I loathe drama in my life. I also think it’s funny at how hard it is for me to deal with change that is thrust on me. I can change up my house all day long and LOVE it. But if it’s beyond my control then it makes me crazy uncomfortable. 
A day without drama is one when I’m especially content. 
I’ve noticed the extremes a lot in the blogging world as blogs have exploded. There’s a frantic feeling at times — it’s a race to be the biggest and the best and get the most page views and make as much money as is possible. 
And I am equally crazy proud of these women for creating something from nothing and wanting them to step back and breathe for a minute. I’m the old crotchety blogger who’s about to say it — it’s not like it used to be. I am constantly wavering between not feeling like I’m doing enough and thinking what I’m doing is plenty. I usually end up with the latter. 🙂 That’s not to say I don’t want to get better at what I do. But there is not high intensity. 
This was another one a friend shared the day after I read that article:
First of all, if you aren’t afraid of failure I’m a little worried about you. And I had to laugh because if I was in the same place a year from now as I am today, I’d be counting my blessings. 
There are SO many people would give anything to be where they were a year ago. 
A mediocre life? I don’t think a content life is mediocre but this discussion definitely spoke to me. Our world is so rushed now and there is a sense that if you aren’t everything to the nth degree then you aren’t anything. Maybe I just see it more in what I do? 

Do you feel it too? I think one of the readers who commented on that article said it best — “If we live our simple lives fully, with gratitude and awareness, then our lives become extraordinary.” Goodness, I love that.

I hope no one misunderstands this and thinks I’m saying you should do the bare minimum to get through life. I work hard and have for 25 years now. But there is great joy in sitting back and being content with the life you’ve created — no matter what stage you are in. If life sucks I know it’s easier said than done. Even at my lowest of lows I still tried to look to the positive things happening, even though that was a lot harder to do at times. No matter where you’re at, there is usually someone (many someones) out there who would give anything to be in your shoes. (And yes, I know there are exceptions to that, but for the most part it’s true.)

I am a motivated person, but I’m also one who can sit back and realize that raising a decent human being, loving a husband, keeping a house from imploding every day and running my own business is pretty spectacular. I find great joy in all of those things and work hard day to day, but if life stays this way for another ten years I’d be so incredibly grateful.

Being able to find the joy in the “mediocre” is what makes my life perfect for me. Twenty years ago I wondered if I would ever get through the tough times and get to the point where I could stop scratching to get to the surface of everything. Twenty year ago this is the life I dreamed of. I am so thankful for it.

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